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What happens in my Crawl Space?

Moisture. Pests. Humidity. Allergies. The most common problems in Crawl Space.

One of the biggest ones is moisture.

It’s likely that moisture comes up through the soil if the crawl space has a bare dirt floor. If there are uninsulated pipes or air ducts running through the crawl space, condensation can form on them. If the air outside is very humid, then the vents can actually increase moisture in the space rather than decreasing it.

Too much moisture in your crawl space can lead to all kinds of problems over time. Allergies can develop, the air quality decreases significantly… There really is no better space than a damp, dark crawl space for mold to grow. Dampness can also cause the wood beams of your home to rot and the moisture attracts unwanted guests (like insects and termites).

Why is this a problem?

  • Humid conditions -> moldy conditions. When mold starts growing in your crawlspace, it can be hard to get rid of. High relative humidity (RH) combined with stagnant air can very quickly lead to mold growth on floor joists.

  • Breathing musty crawlspace air. If there is a leak in your duct, your HVAC system might be pulling mold-laden, musty air from your crawlspace into your home, which can happen as well if you have gaps and cracks in your flooring.

  • Insects like warm, moist environments. There’s a great chance that if you head down to your crawlspace this spring, you will encounter spiders, roaches, or camel crickets, not to mention termites (they love moist wood in crawlspaces).

What's the best solution?

Well, those are a few options you can try!

There are some people that install a vapor barrier on the crawlspace floor. It will prevent humidity from migrating into the crawlspace. The problem is that it doesn’t do anything about humid air coming in through the vents.

You could also seal the vents and put them in a dehumidifier. But… It doesn’t do anything regarding the air leakage from the concrete walls or joist bays.

We have good news for you though!

There is a way to fix all of your crawlspace problems! Encapsulating! The goal is to transform your crawlspace into a dry, insulated basement.

What is the result after the process?

  • Reduce Moisture in Your Crawlspace

  • Increased HVAC Efficiency

  • Add Storage Space

  • Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

  • Fewer allergy problems

  • Lower energy bills

  • No Musty Air

We can ensure that you always have the best Crawlspace sealing with the professionals at Butler's HVAC Service LLC.


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