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Indoor Air Quality

Butler's HVAC Service LLC offers full Professional Duct Cleaning Services. Contact us today for a FREE in home estimate!

  • Increase performance and efficiency

  • Cleaner Fresher Air in your home

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Help prevent mold & mildew growth

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Clean Duct and Energy Efficiency Go Hand in Hand   

Our recommendation is for a duct system to be cleaned every 5 years. 

What lives in your duct, is what you are breathing & lets face it, duct systems aren't typically installed in the most pleasant areas of the home, being either in the crawlspace or the attic. Its not unusual for home owners to vacuum or sweep daily & that same dirt and grime will settle in your duct system, so after 5 years, its time for a cleaning. 


Be VERY careful of what some other companies offer as "duct cleaning". The first indicator is always price. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Real duct cleaning equipment is not cheap and has constant upkeep cost plus requires a trained professional to run.

We always offer a free in-home visit so we can accurately & affordably quote every job, as every job is different. Un-seen Pricing over the phone is never an accurate way to establish cost, and should be another red flag to anyone wanting to get their duct cleaned by a reputable company.

We offer the real deal!  We specialize in CONTACT rotary cleaning with our simultaneous commercial grade vacuum system followed by sanitization. In simple terms, we scrub it clean, vacuum it out, and disinfect your entire duct system.

Ensure that you always have the best indoor air quality with the help of the professionals at Butler's HVAC Service LLC. We offer a wide variety of air quality products and bundles available for a 20% savings. Call us today!

Everything You Need for Better Indoor Air Quality

  • Duct Cleaning

  • Whole Home Air Purifying Ionizers

  • System Sanitizing UV Kits

  • Air Filters

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Bobbi Mattocks

I highly recommend this HVAC company. They are professional and efficient. The technicians who came to repair my unit were Isai Dias and John Carter. Both of them were very personable and knowledgeable about their work. They took the time to fully explain what services they performed and why. I would give them 10 stars!

Teri Lee

Extremely professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable and listened to our concerns. They got our system up and running and advised us on our concerns without "over selling". Once we receive our quote we will have them back to do more updating on our system. Feeling totally comfortable and secure with Butler's. Thank you!!

Stephanie Purdy

The staff were amazing and helpful. They were kind and respectful, while providing recommendations to help maintain and keep our system running smoothly. I felt confident with their recommendations and with the service provided to my family. I would highly recommend this company and look forward with continuing yearly service maintenance with them. Thank you!!

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