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Indoor Air Quality

Butler's HVAC Service LLC offers full HVAC system installs ranging from the unit to ductwork. We offer Lifetime Warranties as well. Contact us today for a free in home estimate!

  • Increase performance and efficiency

  • Lifetime manufacturer warranties

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Improve overall comfort in your home or office


HVAC Replacement or HVAC Repair: How to know when its time?


Here at Butler’s, we often get asked by our clients when they should consider replacing their unit instead of repairing it. We always start with educating them on some things to consider, before they dive into the costs of a new system.

Air conditioners & furnaces are essential to keeping homes cool and comfortable during the heat of the summer, plus warm and cozy during those chilly winters. However, they are not immune to wear and tear and will eventually need to be repaired and replaced over their lifetime.

We always refer to using the signs below to determine if you should consider a repair or replacement.


Repetitive Costly Repairs :

If you find yourself constantly having to foot the bill for repairs every year, then its definitely time to consider replacing your system. This is what we consider the #1 sign that your unit has outlived its life expectancy. Using the money that would be wasted on repairs could go towards a more efficient system that will come with a full manufacturer warranty! Below are a few examples of major costly repairs that should prompt any customer to consider a unit replacement:

  • Compressor replacements

  • Indoor / Outdoor Coil replacements

  • Major Refrigeration Leak repairs

  • Compromised airflow due to costly Ductwork repairs

  • Continual Break Downs throughout the year

Lack of Annual Maintenance & Up-keep

Your unit should have maintenance performed by a professional at least once per year (we suggest twice) to keep your system running properly. Just like changing the oil in your car, this is HVAC Tune-ups are necessary for any unit to be considered properly maintained, This also helps to reduce your energy expense & maintain your desired comfort level in your home. Neglecting to keep any system maintained is the quickest avenue to major unit failure which will, more often then not, end up requiring a pre-mature unit replacement.

Below are signs that we use that point us towards concluding there has been a "major lack of maintenance" & should again prompt any customer to consider a unit replacement:

  • Severely impacted & Dirty Coils

  • Air restrictions due to Impacted Blower Wheels

  • Rusted & Clogged Burner Assemblies

  • Rodent Infestations causing performance failures


Maintaining your HVAC system will cost you less in the long run by preventing repairs while expanding the life of your unit!

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Bobbi Mattocks

I highly recommend this HVAC company. They are professional and efficient. The technicians who came to repair my unit were Isai Dias and John Carter. Both of them were very personable and knowledgeable about their work. They took the time to fully explain what services they performed and why. I would give them 10 stars!

Teri Lee

Extremely professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable and listened to our concerns. They got our system up and running and advised us on our concerns without "over selling". Once we receive our quote we will have them back to do more updating on our system. Feeling totally comfortable and secure with Butler's. Thank you!!

Stephanie Purdy

The staff were amazing and helpful. They were kind and respectful, while providing recommendations to help maintain and keep our system running smoothly. I felt confident with their recommendations and with the service provided to my family. I would highly recommend this company and look forward with continuing yearly service maintenance with them. Thank you!!

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