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HVAC Repair

Trust Us To Get Your HVAC System Up And Running Again

Breakdowns happen. When that time comes, Butler’s HVAC Service should be the team you call to get your HVAC system up and running properly again.

To Replace or Repair?

Should You Replace or Repair Your HVAC System?


Sooner or later, every homeowner is going to find themselves with this question: Should I repair or replace my HVAC System?


This is not a “one size fits all”. Every case is different, and there are many factors you should take in account when deciding which option might benefit you the most.


We decided to make you a fact list to guide you on whether repairing or replacing make the most sense in your case.



1 – Age of the system

The age of the unit is the first thing you want to take a look at.

An air conditioning system should last you at least 10 to 15 years, and a furnace can go from 14 to 20 years, as long as regular maintenance is performed by a qualified technician. If your current HVAC system is coming to an end of its lifetime, you should at least consider the benefits of a new system.



2 - Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself repeatedly repairing the same aging system, and those repairs are becoming progressively more expensive, maybe it’s time to replace your HVAC system. There are many different factors that can cause frequent repairs, either being age, improper sizing, or lack of annual maintenance.

The money you’ve been spending and will spend in repairs may help offset the cost of a new system.


3 - Health and Safety Concerns

A poorly performing HVAC system can compromise the air you breathe in your home as well as the safety of the house. One of the #1 causes of residential fires originate from furnaces that were in bad condition.

A properly performing system improves indoor air quality, and safety.


4 - Loud Noises

Excessive noise could signal your system is working too hard to keep up with the heating or cooling demands of your home.

It may be a problem with the system compressor or blower motor, if the noise only happens when the system starts up or shuts down.

Nonetheless, a technician should be able to locate the noise source and assess the the problem.


5 - High Energy Bills

A good way to see if you need a replacement would be checking your monthly energy bills to see how they compare to the same period of time last year.

An increase (a significant one) may indicate a change in the operating efficiency of your system. A new, more efficient HVAC system will most likely result in savings that you can apply to the cost of a new system.

6 – Advancements over time

The HVAC industry has evolved significantly in recent years. While older analog systems can still function well, modern digital systems bring much more efficiency and communication features. It depends on the age of your system, but there are a lot of home comfort advancements that could drastically improve the efficiency, transform your air, variable-capacity units, indoor air quality innovations, zoning technology where you control temperatures in different sections of your home, and smart thermostats with the amazing ability to monitor sensors in all of your HVAC equipment to react, diagnose, and troubleshoot.

Not to speak on recent regulation changes meaning older units that still use the ozone-depleting R-22 refrigerant will become costlier and more difficult to repair, as this compound is being phased out.


7 - Expected Time in Your Home

Are you considering moving away? If you are thinking about replacing your HVAC system you should consider the expected time in your home. If you plan to move prior to reaping the benefits within the payback period, maybe repairing your system is a better option.


Still, if selling your home is in your future plans, you should speak with a local real estate professional.


Why, you ask?


To determine how a new system impacts the overall value of your home. If a new HVAC system adds value, then you may decide that replacement is worth the investment.


As you make the decision to repair or replace, rely on the expertise of Butler's HVAC, which is licensed to maintain and service your system. If replacing your system seems appropriate, we can explain the importance of efficiency and sound ratings, load calculations, comfort features, and warranties, as you select a new system.


Loud Noises

Funny noises, like squeaking and clunking, might signal a problem that needs repairing.


If you are experiencing an odd smell, it is likely because of dirty or broken parts in your AC unit.


When your home doesn’t feel like the HVAC system is working properly, it probably isn’t.

Excess Dust

If you are noticing excess dust in your home, it could be from your unit blowing it in. An air filter and cleaner can help this


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Bobbi Mattocks

I highly recommend this HVAC company. They are professional and efficient. The technicians who came to repair my unit were Isai Dias and John Carter. Both of them were very personable and knowledgeable about their work. They took the time to fully explain what services they performed and why. I would give them 10 stars!

Teri Lee

Extremely professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable and listened to our concerns. They got our system up and running and advised us on our concerns without "over selling". Once we receive our quote we will have them back to do more updating on our system. Feeling totally comfortable and secure with Butler's. Thank you!!

Stephanie Purdy

The staff were amazing and helpful. They were kind and respectful, while providing recommendations to help maintain and keep our system running smoothly. I felt confident with their recommendations and with the service provided to my family. I would highly recommend this company and look forward with continuing yearly service maintenance with them. Thank you!!

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614 Washington St

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614 Washington St

Whiteville , NC 28472

Tel: (910) 207-6000

(910) 335-9090 - Wilmington, NC

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(910) 207-6000 - Whiteville, NC

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